Basic Sites Administration


Basic Sites provide on-going administration of your site and Technical Support

We’ll keep you website up and running and provide technical support as required.

The Basic Sites CMS panel will allow you to make changes yourself to text and even add and delete pages and photographs.

Through the CMS panel you may also add YouTube videos and embed Google maps into your site, we can do this for you if you prefer, as part of our support program.

When we set your site up initially we can include an interactive location map, a “Contact Us” form and any YouTube videos you may required added to your site.


Q: How do I get listed with Search Engines?

Answer: Search Engines and Directories now charge a variety of fees for a variety of listing services.

The paid inclusion is pretty much the standard procedure for getting listed with the most popular search engines & directories.
– Average fees start at $40/year and up. Ask us for details and we will provide you with a schedule of service providers, pricing and listing strategies to maximize your ranking.
– We do not upcharge these search engine service providers and include administering the service as complimentary feature with your design package.

We enjoy a discounted fee structure and pass those savings on to you.