Basic Sites Domains


You will need your own Domain Name to use with your Ready Made Basic Website.

You may purchase a domain from any source you prefer,

However, we can direct you  the following sources of Domain names:-

For USA , UK, Europe, Asia and other worldwide domains Excluding Australia and New Zealand, click here

For USA, UK, Europe, Asia and other worldwide domains Including Australia and New Zealand, click here

You do not need a domain name to order your Ready Made Basic Website, so you may spend a little time chosing the one that is just right for you.

Once you have purchased your Domain, advise us and we will begin the process of deploying your website.

Domain Names only cost around $15.00 per year, so we usually suggest a 2 /5 year minimum registration.


Domain Name Registration (

Q: Do you handle domain name registration or must I do it?

Answer: We can handle it for you, if you have an idea of what you would like for a domain name – we will research its availability and offer alternatives if it is taken.

Q: Can I have more than one domain name for my website?

Answer: Yes, you can have one, two or several domain names pointing to the same site.

Q: My domain name is already registered and I am hosting with another company – why do I have to move it if I use your hosting?

Answer: If you are happy with your hosting arrangements, leave it where it is, we can still do maintenance or redesign work where ever it is hosted. However, if you want to take advantage of our extra features we include in our hosting packages, you will need to move it to our servers.

Q: My domain name is already registered – how do I get a website?

Answer: Set up a hosting account and connect your domain to our server.

Q: How do I change my domain to connect your server?

Answer: You will need administrative access to your Domain Name account (where you registered your domain name,) and edit the Domain Name Server (DNS) information.

We will provide you with our server’s DNS information to add to your domain name. Once the new DNS info is added to your domain name it will point to our hosting servers and then your website is connected to the web.