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Website Design. Quality choices of website theme with photographs, graphics, YouTube Video, interactive maps, photo galleries, “Contact Us” forms and more

You have the following choices when it comes to setting up your site:

A choice between our standard Basic Site design

Your logo and business name in the header, with or without a graded background.

You decide how many pages you want  (up to 10), and the titles for these pages.

The minimum number of pages is 3, usually Home, About Us and Contact Us, more pages can be added later

We include a “Contact Us” form which will be directed to your email address.

An interactive Google Map locating your business will be included, if required.

YouTube videos relative to your business, suppliers, products or any topic you wish to highlight will be included in the site.

A photo gallery can be included as part of the plan. We have included a sample gallery in this site.

All Basic Sites are optimized for search engines

A mobile version of your site is also included to allow easy viewing of your site on Smart Phones and other devices.