Buy a Basic Site


Purchase a Basic Site

Once payment is received we will send you an email containing details we will require from you to enable us to build and publish your site.

Your site will be published within 7 days of your payment.

If you do not have a domain at this time, you should buy one in the next couple of days

1. Select you Basic Sites design from our Site Shop, and make payment as detailed for the design chosen

2. Send us the content in the form of text in any Word type format, together with any images you want on your website’

3. We build your unique site, publish it online and provide on-going management and technical support as required

You will need a Domain Name for your Basic Site.

We can assist with this, or you may purchase a domain from any source you prefer,

However, we can direct you  the following sources of Domain names:-

For USA , UK, Europe, Asia and other worldwide domains Excluding Australia and New Zealand, click here

For USA, UK, Europe, Asia and other worldwide domains Including Australia and New Zealand, click here

You do not need a domain name to order your Ready Made Basic Website, so you may spend a little time chosing the one that is just right for you.

Once you have purchased your Domain, advise us and we will begin the process of deploying your website.

Domain Names only cost around $15.00 per year, so we usually suggest a 2 /5 year minimum registration.